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Chief John Wayne Griffin

August 23,1973-December 8th,2007 

     Chief John Griffin began his career in Law Enforcement in Marion as a Deputy Sheriff with the Crittenden County Sheriff's Department in 1964. Chief Griffin at the time was working as a Deputy Sheriff in the City of Marion and handled the City Court Dockets and worked on a part time basis for the City of Marion.


     The Marion City Council elected Chief John Griffin in 1973 as City Marshall. After reaching a population of 2,500, Marion became a city of the first class and abolished position of Marshall. Ordinance #156 on September 18, 1982 established the First Official Marion Police Department and John Griffin was named as the First Chief of Police, a position which he held until his passing on December 8, 2007.


     Chief Griffin has brought the strength of the Marion Police Department from one person (himself) to 21 employees, which include two Animal Control Officer's who are also Certified Police Officers. Included in this list of certified officer's is the position of two School Resource Officer's which one was assigned to the Marion School District in September of 2004 and another in August 2009.


     Chief Griffin has served his years of service under four Mayors. Mayor James Heath from 1955-1969, Mayor Jake Brick 1969-1974, Mayor E.W. Bigger 1975-1995 and Mayor Frank Fogleman 1995-December 8th, 2007.


     Chief Griffin was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Marion Chamber of Commerce March 17th, 2005 for 33 years of dedication and service to the City of Marion and it's citizens. Chief Griffin was presented the Citizen of the Year award 2004 by the local newspaper in Marion (The Marion Salute). He received a 5 year award and a 10 year award from the National Child Safety Council in recognition of outstanding and dedicated service to the safety of children in the community. May 17, 2002 he was presented the Award from the Arkansas Leader by the Federal Bureau of Investigatons (F.B.I.) and Criminal Justice  Institute. October 10,2007 he was presented with the Chief of the Year Award by the Arkansas Associations of Chief's of Police, which is a organization he was a long lasting member of.


     Anyone can tell you that Chief John Griffin has never forgot where he came from. Chief Griffin has never forgotten how he got started. Words can not express the dedication and loyalty he had for the City of Marion. There is not a man or woman working for the Marion Police Department that will not tell you what a great person he was. He would not ask anyone to do anything that he hasn't already done or would do. Chief Griffin never took credit for anything, he always believed in giving credit where credit was due.


     Most of all Chief Griffin was a loving husband and father to his family. Also loved the Marion Police Department, the City of Marion, and Crittenden County. He was not only the Chief of Police but a true friend to everyone.


       We salute you for all your wisdom and dedication that has guided the mission of the Marion Police Department to provide the citizens of Marion a law enforcement system that effectively integrates and utilizes Departmental, Civic, and Community Resources to protect life and property, preserve law and order and enforce State Laws and City Ordinances within the framework of the Constitution.


On 3-11-2005 Chief Griffin accepting an award for the 2004 Citizen of the Year. Sponsored by Hino Motors of Marion

   On 3-17-2005 Chief Griffin accepting an award for Life Time Acheivement from the Marion Chamber of Commerce

 On October 10, 2007 Chief Griffin accepting an award for Chief of the Year from the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police














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